Computer Repair

  • Virus/Malware Removal
    Is your computer infested with viruses and malware?  Bring it to the doctors who have the cure.  We can remedy just about any infection you can come across, and get your computer running like new.
  • Hardware Replacement
    Many computer problems can be linked back to malfunctioning hardware.  As computers age, components get weak, or damaged, due to a number of different variables.  When you have a failing piece of hardware, we can replace it with a compatable component that will be as good or better than what it originaly came with.
  • Data Recovery
    Did your computer crash, or you accidently deleted files that you still need?  At TPCM, we have the tools and skills to recover data in a majority of scenarios where most others will give up.  Most commonly, this is required when your computer is suffering from a failed hard drive, in which case, our hardware replacement services may be sought after also.

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